5 Ndah Bros Street Opposite St. Matthews Ang Church Trans Amadi Industrial Layout, PHC.


7 National Supply Road, Bewac Junction, Trans-Amadi Industrial Layout, PHC.

We are delighted in introducing our new health facility Princess Medical Centre, THE SIGNATURE

Where 5 Star Hospitality Meets Quality Healthcare

Princess Medical Centre - Classic was initially established as a 2-star healthcare facility in Port Harcourt in 1988.

In 2013, PMC started the development of a multispecialty hospital - The Signature, part financed by Shell Nigeria and Aspire Growth Funds to contribute significantly to stemming the tide of medical tourism in this part of Nigeria. Annually Nigerians spend over $1 billion in seeking quality and specialist health care outside the shores of the country.

The new hospital is a two building complex with one on six floors connected by a Sky walk.

We are also an Assistance Centre/Hub for International SOS, Paris, France, offering medical emergencies and other related medical critical care services to their clients.

Extra low voltage audio-visual in-patients’ facilities (In general, semi-private, private wards) delivery rooms with automated beds. General and Private Delivery Suites.

There are executive private and general consulting clinics and receptions, 3 Philips Medicare fitted theatres. We have cosy lounges for guests including an in-house mini shopping lounge. Certifications also include the Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR) and Seafarers’ certification in place.

At the SIGNATURE, we are combining quality healthcare and 5-star hospitality for all our patients.

Our services are provided following appropriate Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). We are in partnership with both local and international healthcare facilities to provide even more upscale services.

To take care of all classes of patients from different economic strata, our old facility at No. 7 National Supply Road (Bewac Junction) Trans Amadi is now upgraded to a 3 Star facility christened the Princess Medical Centre – CLASSIC HOSPITAL while the SIGNATURE HOSPITAL is at No. 5 Ndahbros Street, opposite St. Matthew’s Anglican Church, Trans Amadi Industrial Layout Port Harcourt. The quality of healthcare at both the SIGNATURE and CLASSIC Hospitals remain the same.